The Peadophile Database.

The Internet Database On Child Sex Offenders we need your articles and stories.

This website is  to promote awareness about child abuse crimes & other predatory offending. We also Lobby to change legislation. And share data.

We only name and shame people who are charged and convicted of child sexual abuse in the uk vulnerable children who have been raped by a paedophile.

We also include all victims of other rapes no matter what the age.

We  are not vigilantes’ simply we share the news in places other national papers cant reach by setting up a database people can see on the maps where the abusers are located.

The Naming & Shaming of child sex abusers and convicted sex offenders if you was raped as a child as a adult or know someone who has been or know of a offender send us the story we will publish it also send a photo if you have one.

We only publish details of Convicted Child Sex Offenders and all sex offenders and  rapists.

  • The database is not complete. It is a work in progress and probably always will be;
  • The database is created and managed entirely by volunteers;
  • For every offender listed here, we estimate that there are another five  sexual offenders currently out there that we havent listed.